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It seems nowadays most recovery formulas are looking more and more like each other, but just end up telling a different story. When formulating ILLA®, we decided that will never be us. – Not now and not ever! Utilizing exclusive peptide technology from the eastern bloc and becoming more well known for our quality and unorthodox formulas, we proudly use a one of a kind recovery formula composed of micro-peptide infused fermented BCAA’s (Micraminos™). Packed with Himalayan pink salt, non-gmo coconut water powder and Albion® minerals (the worlds leader in mineral innovation) to keep your body hydrated for performance. ILLA® contains the highest quality of recovery and replenishing specific nutrients under one lid. Elevate stamina strength, muscle gains and recovery to the next level with ILLA®. Replenish. Rebuild. Recover.™

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Micraminos™ Micro-Peptide Infused Fermented BCAA’s (non-gmo):

MyoBlox® proudly introduces Micraminos™, the most exclusive BCAA to ever hit the market. A ONE OF A KIND superior non-gmo micro-peptide infused fermented BCAA (branched chain amino acids). Supplying critical muscle recovery and body healing endogenous peptides (and yielding natural occurring fibroblast growth factors, which have shown to increase amino acid absorption) you will feel the many facets of muscle recovery and total body replenishment during and following any level of exercise. Our preferred method of production of branched chain amino acids is accomplished through a fermentation process. Through this process, no animal products are used as starting materials; and no high heat treatments or toxic chemicals are used to manufacture the BCAA’s. Not only are our BCAA’s fermented, but they non-GMO as well resulting in an allergen free, ultra-premium quality, and more efficacious BCAA product while protecting you from impurities found in lesser quality amino acids. †


Coconut Water Powder (non-gmo):

Sought after for its health and replenishing properties, our coconut water powder is packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, trace elements, minerals/electrolytes and enzymes to keep your body hydrated for performance.


Calci-K® (as calcium potassium phosphate-citrate):

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is commonly known for supporting strong bones, Calci-K® is a special calcium/potassium/phosphorus complex that has much more than just the benefits of calcium. Calci-K® supports the passage of fluid through cell membranes, muscle contractions, hydration and the heart muscles, which is plays an important role in the physical performance of the muscles. †


Magnesium (as Albion® Dimagnesium Malate):

Albion® DiMagnesium Malate provides a superior bioavailability magnesium source that’s gentle on the digestive tract. Magnesium is found in muscle tissue, bone, and in blood serum. This essential mineral serves hundreds of functions in the body such as bone health and density, nervous system health, cellular energy production and energy transport. Muscle contractions and muscle hydration are two important key factors that come into play with adequate levels of magnesium in the body. †


Himalayan Pink Salt (as Sodium):

Pink Himalayan salt is jam packed with 84 essential trace minerals and electrolytes and plays valuable roles in bodily processes – Unlike Sodium chloride, which has been stripped of all trace minerals and benefits. Our Himalayan Pink Salt, which is mined from deposits that are approximately 250 million years old, ensures a high caliber and true pristine material. Consuming natures electrolytes in the ILLA® formula will help support muscle hydration, fullness and therefore optimal muscle contractions. †


Astragin® (derived from astragalus membranaceous [non-gmo] ):

Astragin® is a clinically validated food-ingredient proven to increase nutrient absorption regulating genes by raising their mRNA and transporter proteins to maximize the absorption of many nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids and even glucosamine by up to 40%+. Feel a difference in your physical performance as Astragin® can also increase ATP production by roughly 18%+. †