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Martian™ is more than a greens and fruit blend; it contains a very special combination of some of the most rare and powerful superfoods available on this planet today. With each scoop martian™ will provide you with approximately 16,937 of ORAC units, which is the antioxidant equivalent to 34 servings of fruits and vegetables (needless to say Martian is vegan).

At MyoBlox® we ORAC test our greens unlike other companies that just say "high in antioxidants" (which is the same thing as claiming a protein powder is "high in protein" without specifying how much exactly per scoop.

Assist your body’s detoxification process, alkalize your body, and start adding more vibrance to your life on a daily basis. 

NO WADA Banned Substances! NO Artificial Color or Dyes!


It is more imperative than ever to boost immunity. Rest assured our Multi-Vitamin / Mineral and Supra® were made under strict protocols. In turn, this stack is for anybody looking to increase immune system response.