Diamond density gains. Pro-muscle hardner.


Contra is a premium, highly potent supplement that has been shown to not only increase natural testosterone production, but also inhibit/correctively balance cortisol levels to maximize your body's anabolic state. 

Estrogen and cortisol are the last hormones we want abundantly present in our body when trying to build a ripped hard physique. When these two hormones are unfavorably balanced, the body undergoes changes that can result in a soft bloated appearance and weaken performance in and out of the gym. Another big problem that stems from these specific hormones is that belly fat (as well as any stubborn fat) becomes virtually impossible to lose which can hinder progression in your sport as well as your personal body composition goals.

This is a big, yet surprisingly common obstacle that gym enthusiasts and even the most serious athletes have to hurdle over. In comes Contra®, a novel aromatase inhibitor and cortisol suppressing king. By reducing the levels of harmful estrogen metabolites and cortisol circulating in the body can in turn promote a healthy balance of testosterone supporting gains in ripped hard muscle.†


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